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Explore cities in Italy and Europe with food tours

If you love food, your trips to explore Italian and European cities may just be planned around food: one of the best ways to do this is Food Tours, the subject of our post today. Food tours are journeys that revolve around discovering food, that is, tours featuring restaurants, shops, producers, local dishes, local ingredients... Read more »
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Buffet etiquette

Most of the time we thing of organizing a buffet dinner as a shortcut. Or better, an easy way out. A way to escape the trouble of a real dinner. An excuse to ignore the arrangement of the cutlery or guests, where you do nothing more than set out some little plates on a table... Read more »
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In the pursuit of beauty

La Fenice catering - vernissage
There are evenings in which art and merrymaking come together, in which glamour embraces good taste to produce a glorious and unforgettable experience. We work with a wide variety of clients, each one with his or her own specific identity and requirements; we know that the culinary component is essential for making the event perfect... Read more »
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Fall in love with these 3 food trends for 2017

Trend food 2017
I often travel for work both around Italy and abroad, and this gives me the chance to eat out and thus be among the first to appreciate new food trends. A delightful and interesting way of keeping up, discovering the latest developments and finding new inspiration. Contemporary cuisine is all abuzz; never before has it... Read more »
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5 tips for a perfect Christmas table

Between work, commitments and time that flies, there are days when sitting down together for dinner seems like a mirage, and often it is difficult to find time to set the table with care. At Christmas, however, when we all get together, it’s nice to rediscover this little “luxury” and spend some time decorating the... Read more »
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