La Fenice Catering certification in accordance with the ISO 20121 Sustainability standard

La Fenice Catering (Essebi S.p.A.) has been issued, by the certifying body TÜV NORD ITALIA, the ISO 20121 certificate for the planning and carrying out of catering and banqueting services, subscribing to a real policy of sustainable development and planning a series of actions aimed at improving the environmental, social and economic impact of its events with the total participation of all its stakeholders (employees, suppliers, customers, guests, community, institutions).

The main goals

La Fenice Catering, in compliance with the requirements of ISO 20121 standard, has decided, as a top priority, to take action with a plan of clear objectives and concrete efforts in the following areas:

  • Waste management and circular economy
    Separate collection of the waste produced during activities in the preparation and providing of services for the purpose of obtaining the highest recycling possible in a circular economy viewpoint.
  • Event mapping and impact assessment
    Annual mapping of company events, assessment of their environmental and socio-economic criticality factors, as well as defining actions and policy objectives.
  • Stakeholder communication, awareness and participation
    Communication to all participating stakeholders regarding the Company’s efforts in the sustainable management project, its goals and the results achieved.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

In the policy, Essebi S.p.A. has also decided to explicitly refer to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs – Sustainable Development Goals | UN), defined in the Agenda 2030 in September 2015 with the contribution of the governments of the 193 UN member countries. It incorporates the 17 SDGs in an important action program for a total of 169 targets that aim to reduce environmental impact while improving the social and economic effect.

In particular, Essebi S.p.A., in its own context, has committed to contributing to some of them, such as:



Essebi S.p.A. Sustainable Development Policy

ISO 20121 Certificate Essebi S.p.A.

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